Foza Tuning Labs FTC 4.9 Out for FREE

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Foza Tuning Labs FTC 4.9 Out for FREE

Post by BiggLou55 on Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:36 pm

The latest and greatest Forza Tuning Labs Forza Tuning Calculator was released in February 2014....  Get it here:

I swear by it for fast and accurate tuning (not for Drift or Drag) across ALL classes in FM4.  This latest version is that much better.

In case you are wondering, all of my tunes are done using this tool.  Most are tweaked from the base tune the FTC spits out, but I tweak them using the tool (suspension percentages and ride frequency)...  If you have access to Microsoft Excel, this is a MUST have tool....


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