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Post by BiggLou55 on Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:48 pm

This is one of the videos the FM4 community produced around Slave Munky's Tuning Calculator. While it is linked to the Tuning Calc, it is also a stand-alone tuning guide. Very helpful in understanding what each of the tuning settings do, and how to tune them. If you have access to MS Excel, Slave Munky's Tuning calc is excellent, even if you only use it to calculate your race transmission gear and final drive ratios. Even using the Forza Tune 4 or Forza 4 Gear iPhone (and android) apps, you'll be in a better starting place for fine tuning.

For those of you with Dlave Munky's Tuning Calc, here is Insomniac's instructional Video...

Here is the FM4 Forum Thread where you can search Q&A and pick up the latest version....
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