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Post by nubrocket on Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:25 pm

My leaderboard sort of already answers this but I'll ask anyway -- is anybody trying the Rival Event against "Stigs Digi Cuz?" Holy shit.  I don't think I'll beat this one.

"Beginning on April 1, Forza Motorsport 5 fans will have the chance to pit their driving skills against The Stig’s “Digital Cousin” in an all-new Rivals event set on the iconic Bathurst Circuit at Mount Panorama, Australia. Take to the track in the 2013 Holden #10 Xbox Racing Team Commodore VF, push as hard as you can to set your best time possible and try to beat the Stig’s Digital Cousin. Some say this one can be beaten!
Upon successfully completing this Rivals event, all participants will receive an in-game credit reward. Additional prizes will be awarded to those who finish in the Top 10, including a special Stig Prize Pack from “Top Gear” for the top driver.
The Stig’s Digital Cousin will be racing under the Gamertag “Stigs Digi Cuz”. To enter this Rivals event you must own the “Forza Motorsport 5” Top Gear Car Pack DLC. "

In other news, I've started using controller layout #11.  It's the only setup that sets throttle/brake to the right thumbstick.  I got a bit used to that while playing GT6 and I think...I think I like it.  It makes view left/right buttons impossible to use, which I don't like, but I'm feeling like I have better control of my car now.

Anyhow, just food for thought.

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