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U2SC Club in Forza Horizon (FH)

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U2SC Club in Forza Horizon (FH) - Page 2 Empty Re: U2SC Club in Forza Horizon (FH)

Post by Lowflyinmx3 Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:13 pm

Silver king cobras with horses and knights painted on them. That's how I know they are my loyal subjects.

I will diesel you!
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U2SC Club in Forza Horizon (FH) - Page 2 Empty Re: U2SC Club in Forza Horizon (FH)

Post by nubrocket Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:58 pm


Twisted Evil

I am very fortunate in that I get to work with a lot of other gamer geeks every day. We don't get time to use the consoles very often, but for Horizon I think I can justify taking over the break room for an hour.

BiggLou55 wrote:Nub... I know IT has it's privs.... When I worked for a telco, we had a T1 piped into our sercue IT room... We ran several game servers (Counter Strike 1 and Predators vs Aliens) 5-10 years ago... It was GREAT!

YES! I haven't been able to be a part of something like in a long while, though. We managed to sneak a BF1942 server up after it came out but that didn't last long. Some of the nerds I worked with got an anti-tk script on there to auto-kick the jerks, and that made the server popular. Popular = questionable traffic = goodbye server.

CS was a good server to administer, too. You could build a solid community pretty quickly. Were you NO AWP?

Wa11y wrote:But I'm not Low's father.

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