Nürburgring might be coming!

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Nürburgring might be coming! Empty Nürburgring might be coming!

Post by Red Sniper 213 on Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:33 am

One of the news things on their website states that there is a "free DLC coming in April".  Dan Greenawalt says that the community will be sure to love it, but rather not say anything more.  Road America was free, so I think another free DLC will be a track, and they were remodeling Nüburgring so, fingers crossed.

Nürburgring might be coming! Forza343
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Nürburgring might be coming! Empty Re: Nürburgring might be coming!

Post by nubrocket on Mon Mar 31, 2014 2:29 pm

You know, I was thinking/hoping the same thing.  That will rekindle my interest in the game I'm sure.

I was able to actually jump into some pretend cars this weekend for the first time in weeks.  I checked in with my wheel and played some FM4 and then took a few laps in FM5.  I had forgotten, or maybe never ever really appreciated, just how good FM5 looks.  FM4 is still great looking but you see things you didn't see before when you go back, especially in cockpit view.

The economy change is weird, isn't it?  What will we use credits for now if all DLC cars are free?  Maybe I want 5 Bugatti's?  I mean, who doesn't?  I don't know.  NOT COMPLAINING -- just a bit confused.

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