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BiggLou55's "Lou-ne-tunes" Garage

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Post by BiggLou55 Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:20 pm

You can tell if I recorded the fine tuning by looking for a value in the "Frequency Override (Hz)" field or adjusted Percentages for ARB, Springs, Rebound and/or Bump... The latest version of the FMTC (4.7.x) provides pretty solid base tunes that don't need much (if any) fine tuning to be compliant... A lot of times, I will fiddle with ARB, Rebound and Bump values while testing and not bother working the % in the file to match...

I will do a lot of Gearbox tuning though... Altering the "Top Speed" value will widen or close the ratios... Tuning the shift points can shave a surprising amount of time off lap times... Being able to hold a higher gear through a turn also reduces the amount of throttle over-steer on corner exit...

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