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Post by ThrowMeAHotdog on Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:23 pm

Not so much rules, just some guidelines to make things run more smoothly:

1) Make sure you are physically able to manage a race event before you post. It doesn't need saying that if the guy in charge loses interest or cannot get online then people will get annoyed.

2) Before you post a race or event have all the details sorted and included in your first post, including:
-Circuit(s) and number of laps
-Event time(s) and TIME ZONE.
-Car restrictions
-Point structer for series races

3) If you enter a series race it is important you are able to make all races

4) Admin reserves the right to close poorley managed events for the sake of keeping the forum tidy.

5) Try not to organise lots of events on the same date

6) Feel free to add events to the calander

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