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Post by ThrowMeAHotdog on Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:39 pm

Just a few guidelines to make racing more enjoyable:

1) Theres a difference between a bump and a scrape. Scraping is fine and accidents happen, but if you are constantly crashing into other people you are either doing it on purpose or need a bit more practice to race clean.

2) If you leave the tarmac, you must re-enter safely without causing problems for other drivers.

3) It is upto the person overtaking to keep it clean. That being said....

4) No blocking. You don't have to let people through round corners, but if theres any overlap of car lengths on the way in to a corner both drivers must adjust their line to ensure they do not force the other off the road. If some one is moving faster on a straight you should not stop them from passing.

5) The decisions of the host are final

6) Be aware of your surroundings. If you move the right stick you can look around your car and hopefuly prevent accidents.

7) If you're out of control coming into a corner, try to move your car off the road rather than into someone else

Cool Mistakes do happen, everyone knows that. If you smash into someone and seriously disrupt them, the polite thing to do is to not fly off but get in the position behind them. If its more of a hard scrape and they make no effort to catch back up it's fine to carry on and not give your position to others that weren't involved.

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