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U2SC Announcement - U2SC Migration

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U2SC Announcement - U2SC Migration Empty U2SC Announcement - U2SC Migration

Post by BiggLou55 Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:39 pm

As you might have read in Joe's PM, we are looking at a couple of options for the new home of U2SC.  We've outgrown our current location and need a new home that allows to grow and integrate new games, features...

Option #1: http://u2sc.enjin.com/
This would be 100% U2SC.  All U2SC all the time.  This is much like what we have today, except much more robust.  It's still free, but it offers much more in the way of content and is much easier to manage/maintain by all of the leaders/admins (basically me).  While this sounds appealing at first, we're still limited by our current membership.  This is a valid option, but Option #2 might just be better in the long run, and would be MUCH easier on me to manage/maintain. 

Option #2: http://www.noqr.org/u2sc
No Quarter Gaming is a Multi-Game Community I started with 4 other guys.  It's an established community, and it's ready to accept U2SC as the Racing arm of the community.  For those of you who play PC games as well, No Quarter has an active Steam Community and plays games like BF4, Titanfall, Planetside 2, WoW, Diablo 2, Space Engineers, Everquest Next, Wildstar, and many more games, as well as a 75-slot TeamSpeak 3 server.  There are also member who play X360 and Xbone games (some I have invited to play Forza with us).  Our U2SC leadership would remain intact, and in Full control of all things Racing for No Quarter.  The way No Quarter is set up is there is a Board of Directors (5 of us and I am one of them) that make decisions for the community as a whole, and then there are game leaders that make decisions for the particular games played (when they are big enough to warrant said leaders).  We would still recruit as U2SC in FM4/5, FH and future FM games as well.

Head on over to https://u2sc.forumotion.co.uk/t1105-u2sc-migration-options to discuss/comment/vote on this topic...

Oh...  These forums....  Once choose which way to go, these forums will remain as an archive and linked (but locked) from the other forums (link back here already set up in both places)

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