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Amazon ridiculomongous gaming sale

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Amazon ridiculomongous gaming sale Empty Amazon ridiculomongous gaming sale

Post by joekorn Mon May 20, 2013 12:50 pm

If you have no time for new games and don't want to be tempted, stop reading now.

Now that you've sealed your own doom, have you guys seen the PC gaming sale that Amazon has going this month? Just insane, here's the link to the list of hundreds of titles involved: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Now that I have my PC linked to my living room TV, with wireless keyboard/mouse/XBOX controller for PC set up, I've been playing comp. games a bit more. Here's what I'm tempted by:

Deep Silver Pack 2 (Dead Island GOTY, Saints Row 3 Complete, Saints Row 2, STALKER) $17.49
or just Dead Island GOTY $5 or Saints Row 3 Complete $12.49
Mass Effect 3 Deluxe $9
Dead Space Dual Pack $8
Deadlight $3.75
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Ed. $7.50 (although it looks like they're sold out now)
Risen 2 $7.50
Two Worlds II GOTY $12
Tiger Woods 12 - $5
Just Cause 2 - $3.75 (5/29-31 only)

Not that I have time for any of this...

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