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CSR Wheel is OTW!!

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CSR Wheel is OTW!! - Page 2 Empty Re: CSR Wheel is OTW!!

Post by CASH XRS Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:42 am

BiggLou55 wrote:With three of us, we should be able to do 3-car traps now.... Twisted Evil

I thought we all agreed we need 4 cars to "properly" keep converge and mark and the others down? Count me in lol.

And Lou if it WAS me who knocked you, Marm could be right, My bad lol.

Same goes for me as you guys. I don't easily get offended and even though we smack talk, which I think is a ton of fun and adds to the sense of friendship and community we have, so bring it on. And in regards to that, I know I say it alot to converge and Mark and maybe a couple others, but sorry if I harass too often about how good you guys are, pretty jealous obviously lol.
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